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Jan 08

Image is Everything – The Importance of Professional Photography

Obviously, as a photographer I’m going to say that image is everything but, when it comes to selling a house, I really believe it is. I know that when my wife and I were looking at houses we dismissed many a potential property based solely on what we saw in the photographs and I guess many others have done the same. Sometimes first impressions really do matter. This property had been listed with an estate agent for several months with only a handful of viewings in that time. Like with a lot of Estate Agents the photos used to market the property had been captured by the agents themselves when the floor plan measurements and valuation had taken place – not by a professional photographer. I was asked by the owner to come in and take some new images so the property’s listing could be updated. A few weeks after I supplied the new photos an offer was made on the property and the sale went through soon after! Below are the images for comparison…   For starters there wasn’t an image of the entrance hall, so I captured this… Original… Mine… Original… Mine… Original… Mine… Original… Mine… Original… Mine… […]

Porcelanosa Watford – Showroom Photography

Client: Dark Lime Design / Porcelanosa Brief: To capture images of furniture, supplied by Dark Lime Design, in the room sets in Porcelanosa’s Watford showroom. The images were to be used in Dark Lime’s brochures and for Porcelanosa PR.  

Interiors Shoot On The Wirral

Last week I was over the other side of the Pennines shooting some house interiors for Kettle Design. To the best of my knowledge I can honestly say that it was my first time visiting the Wirral and it seems like a lovely part of the country. I was met at the first location by company director Suzanne and her assistant, who had both already meticulously arranged and tweaked the rooms in question ready for the photo shoot. It’s always nice to have an extra pair of eyes on the scene to make sure everything looks the best it can! Here are a few images from the day…
Jul 07

New Interiors at Goldsborough Hall

I recently took a drive up to Goldsborough Hall to have a look at (and photograph) their newly renovated accommodation wing. Originally built in the 1620s, Goldsborough Hall is steeped in history and may be a familiar name to those of you with a knowledge of thoroughbred horses. Here are a few images from the shoot…

Greenhead Park Bowling Pavilion

I recently decided to have a look at some architecture close to home – namely the Bowling Pavilion at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield. The Bowling Pavilion was designed by architect Derrie O’Sullivan and is a simple, elegant design partially sunken into the surrounding landscape. The building also features external wooden cladding and a living sedum roof to further help blend into it’s surroundings. It’s completion in October 2012 marked the completion of a £5.4m regeneration of Greenhead Park.   I particularly like the way that different levels of elemental exposure have produced varying colours within the wooden facia…

Liverpool Architecture Trip

In an effort to feed my love of architecture, Kelly (my wife), Charlie (our dog) and I recently took a day trip down the M62 to Liverpool to have a walk around the city – especially the waterfront area. With camera in hand we started off near the new Museum of Liverpool before heading towards the center of the city. Here’s a few snaps from our travels… We’ll start with the imposing Mann Island buildings… I like the juxtaposition of the old Port of Liverpool building reflected in the monolithic black-glass face of the modern design… Another reflection – this time the Museum of Liverpool… Georges Dock building Drury House, as seen from Tower Gardens… Norwich House alongside the Unity Buildings in the background The colourful Costa Coffee facia, with the contrasting steel facade of Liverpool One… The Hilton…
Apr 07

New website with blog feature!

Well here it is – the new website! It’s taken some tweaking, but I’m now very pleased with how it looks and operates. Most importantly you can now stay up to date with what I’ve been up to via this ‘Recent Work’ section. I’ll be posting regular updates about the work I’ve been doing and favourite images I’ve shot. Comments are always welcome (but always moderated, so keep it constructive people!). Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments box below each post. I hope you all enjoy the site…