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Jan 08

Image is Everything – The Importance of Professional Photography

Obviously, as a photographer I’m going to say that image is everything but, when it comes to selling a house, I really believe it is. I know that when my wife and I were looking at houses we dismissed many a potential property based solely on what we saw in the photographs and I guess many others have done the same. Sometimes first impressions really do matter. This property had been listed with an estate agent for several months with only a handful of viewings in that time. Like with a lot of Estate Agents the photos used to market the property had been captured by the agents themselves when the floor plan measurements and valuation had taken place – not by a professional photographer. I was asked by the owner to come in and take some new images so the property’s listing could be updated. A few weeks after I supplied the new photos an offer was made on the property and the sale went through soon after! Below are the images for comparison…   For starters there wasn’t an image of the entrance hall, so I captured this… Original… Mine… Original… Mine… Original… Mine… Original… Mine… Original… Mine… […]